Inclusion Classroom and Staff Development Comments

I was able to go back to my classroom with a new attack and vision for my students. LB-Saddlebrook, NJ

Toby was DYNAMITE! This was the most enjoyable educational experience with a high caliber of instruction and interaction. JP-Newton, NJ

Dear Mrs. Karten, You’ve been what every teacher should be-a friend and a pal to me! You’ve given time, love, and care-So I thank you for always being there! Your friend-R (6th grade student with learning differences)

You capture every opportunity to verbally praise students for their hard work. Your counsel with classroom teachers pays dividends. The corrective feedback offered has an emphasis and impact on teacher and student discovery-Principal, NJ

Your presentation was organized, interesting, and well-received. There was an excellent blend of serious subject matter with appropriate humor. Great turnout! Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, NJ school district

She makes learning fun and easy; key attributes of a quality educator! Principal, Philadelphia PA

Everything was great-Down to earth and personable-Just knowing that there are right things to do is great. I can present back home and share with my colleagues. Curriculum Coordinator-Chicago, IL

I now have higher expectations for my students and will look into the strategies more! 8th grade teacher-Kewanee, IL

Professor Karten, Thanks for the great inclusion class. I certainly feel that I gained a great deal of knowledge about real-world skills that I can apply to my classroom. TM-Pre service teacher-MAT Program

I have to tell you, you are a life saver! Parent of a student with autism

This relevant session gave tons of info and examples of the benefits of inclusion. Inclusion Works attendee, Austin, TX

Great resources to help, not enable the student! Inclusion Works attendee, Columbus, OH

I now know that inclusion is not the question, but the answer! Family workshop attendee-Dallas, TX

Your presentation was outstanding and included a variety of diverse, practical effective classroom strategies for future educators. Assistant Professor at Student Symposium-Lakewood, NJ

Your rare qualities as a teacher and a friend have given E the tools he needs to become as successful leaner. He now has self-confidence that he never had before. Thank you for your help, care, kindness and empathy! Parent of a student with learning differences.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to honor you for your devotion to education and to our nation’s students. Rod Paige, The Secretary of Education, Washington, DC

She has taught my son that a grade is not the most important thing; it is trying your hardest and understanding that counts most! Parent of a student with ADHD

Mrs. Karten shares her amazing ideas and approaches with her peers in true collegial fashion. Assistant Principal, NJ school district

The joy of learning is seen through Mrs. Karten’s eyes, since she repeatedly wants others to increase their knowledge about disabilities. Curriculum Supervisor, NJ

She was energetic and realistic and gave great tools to assist the change with a good balance between theory and application Workshop attendee, Edmonton, CA

I feel she had more to say; I’d like to hear it! Workshop attendee, Melbourne, AU

Great ideas for supporting all children! High school teacher-Hartselle, AL

You made me realize that disabilities are not problems, but we as teachers can discover solutions to bring out students’ abilities. Conference attendee-Rutgers Center for Effective Practices

Your courses have influenced many teachers and improved the lives of lots of kids! Toby demonstrates a high level of professionalism and motivation with consistently excellent evaluations. RTC Director of Curriculum Instruction, Randolph, NJ

Very informative. Love the suggestions! Conference attendee-Monmouth University

This was beyond my expectations-you were a rock star of knowledge. I feel privileged to be here! Workshop attendee-Sparta, NJ

Many interactive opportunities; thank you! Graduate student-Gambrills, MD

I can use the practical applications in my classroom! 3rd grade teacher-Chicago, IL

Not only am I leaving with strategies for children with special abilities; I am leaving with activities I can use with my entire class. Thank you for inspiring me! Conference attendee-Springfield, MA

These inclusion strategies will make me a better teacher! PAGE Conference attendee-Savannah, GA

Mrs. Karten’s compassion, professionalism and dedication are outstanding to help students achieve both academic and social gains. Director of Special Services-NJ

Toby Karten’s wealth of knowledge combined with her ability to present practical and useful ideas in challenging and fun ways is exceptional. I will value my participation n this course every day! RTC Graduate student, Princeton, NJ

Toby is a person with a tremendous amount of positive energy. Her style is collaborative and task-focused. She has a great attitude and a strong knowledge base. Professional Development Instructional Coach, NYC

This most exceptional young lady is destined to make contributions to the field of special education. Director of Private School, Brooklyn, New York, 1976


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