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Staying Professional

Teaching certainly involves more than the actual hours spent in the classroom. You report to a school at a certain time, but what you do before that bell determines the success of your lessons. Teaching is almost as complex as … Continue reading

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Inclusion Check!

Here are a few inclusion topics that you need to check out!   If you, your students, or your children enjoy this type of visual, check out this site and create your own!  

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How is inclusion like yoga?

Inclusion, like yoga, connects both physical and cognitive elements. Yoga approaches value correct styles and poses, with people at various levels of proficiency based upon prior experiences, teachings, and mind-sets. Inclusion too has a variety of poses with effective co … Continue reading

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Inclusion Connections

Inclusion classroom strategies that are consistently implemented from the early grades and onward yield excellent educational and lifelong dividends for students. Curriculum examples include increasing students’ metacognition before they forge ahead. Read on for some ideas that connect inclusion to … Continue reading

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