Inclusion Connections

Inclusion classroom strategies that are consistently implemented from the early grades and onward yield excellent educational and lifelong dividends for students. Curriculum examples include increasing students’ metacognition before they forge ahead. Read on for some ideas that connect inclusion to the students:

Asking students to rate their understanding of a math lesson involving fractions; e.g., is the concept easy, medium, or too difficult?

Having students self-correct spelling errors by using an electronic dictionary

Allowing students to graph daily positive social interactions with peers

Requiring students to paraphrase biology lab instructions before they participate in the experiment

Describing a person they know who reminds them of a Shakespearean character from a play they recently read

Relating an historical time period to a current global issue

Telling how consumer literacy affects nutrition choices

The metacognitive possibilities and student connections are endless! The point, inclusion INCLUDES the linking of the curriculum to the students!


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