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POSITIVE Affirmations

Never negotiable. Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 5 am Setting: Edmonton International Airport Characters: USA Customs Border Patrol Agents (CBPs) and Toby J. Karten Plot: Airport Tension Resolution: Stay positive, despite the absurdities of realities created by others. While returning … Continue reading

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Randie Leibowitz. Her infectious smile. Her joie de vivre. Randie brightened each room she entered, especially the San Pedro, Southern California Easter Seals Zoom meets. Who was Randie? She was a daughter. She was a sister. She was a friend. … Continue reading

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Sunflowers and Butterflies by Toby J. Karten

As I painted the sunflowers on the cedar planked walls of our A-shaped Vermont cabin, I smiled at the field that emerged. Broad and fine brushstrokes gave birth to each root, stem, leaf, and flower. Together they grew as I … Continue reading

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Disproportionality in Special Education

Inequities Fact: Inequities in special education exist for students of color, students from low socio-economic levels, and students with disabilities. These disparities occur because certain racial and ethic groups are inaccurately identified and placed in more restrictive settings. Inappropriate IDEA … Continue reading

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Nurture Confidence & Courage

by Toby Karten Together we grow. Together we learn. Plant the seeds. Support with warmth, water, and smiles. Nurture and believe. Share confidence. Embrace the courage to learn. And the wisdom to fail. So WE can welcome tomorrow’s sunshine.

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Distance Learning Connections

by Toby Karten While delivering an online professional development co-teaching session via a Zoom platform, I received one of favorite private messages in the chat. It was from a participant who was seated six feet away from two of her … Continue reading

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We All Have Special Needs

Co-Teaching: Transitions from Online Learning Back into Classrooms Stability and security are essential despite where and how students are learning. Whether the teaching and learning occurs in person or at home, co-teachers collaboratively ensure productivity. Some co-teachers are walking into … Continue reading

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Writing Strategy: Easy as ABC’s!

Often when you ask students to write something, the first  question they ask is “How many words?” This PPT offers an organized way for students to house vocabulary across the curriculum with A-Z listing. You are invited to apply this … Continue reading

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Celebrate Successes!

Celebrate Successes! It’s easy to complain, shake heads in disbelief, and be sad when presented with the unknown. Been there, done that! As I watch the daily news briefings and venture outside wearing a mask and Latex gloves to walk … Continue reading

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Staying on Target

There’s no rule book on how to simultaneously tackle a lost job, how to educate children at home, pay bills, and stay healthy and sane amidst a pandemic. New realities warrant plausible solutions to stay on target to achieve goals. … Continue reading

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