Thank you Mr. Wright!

We use words like terrific, awesome, incredible, and so on to describe people these days, but because they are so overused, we have negated their true meaning. In a time of participation ribbons and helicopter parents, hyperbole is the norm for educators these days. So to let someone know when you have truly met an inspiring person is hard because of the current climate in education. Therefore I am going to make up some words to describe Toby Karten, and what she means to our profession these days.

She is real worldical. Which means she communicates with teachers from their perspective. They can easily see that she is a practitioner and not just another talking head.

She has humbletelligence. She is extremely bright, but she is not arrogant in how she presents information to her peers. Oftentimes truly intelligent people can talk over the heads of their audience, but Toby never does.

Finally, she is passionalicious. She has as incredible ability to convey how much she cares about her profession without being too sentimental.

I am privileged to have met Toby, and I know that you will begin transforming your school the minute you bring her teachings into your school.

Richard Wright, Principal

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