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Celebrate Successes!

Celebrate Successes! It’s easy to complain, shake heads in disbelief, and be sad when presented with the unknown. Been there, done that! As I watch the daily news briefings and venture outside wearing a mask and Latex gloves to walk … Continue reading

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Inclusion Definitions & Perspectives

An enthusiastic group of educators creatively and candidly offered the following responses to this open-ended statement: Inclusion is________________ therefore, I am! a work in progress. sometimes challenging! allowing students to find success at a level where they can feel safe … Continue reading

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Inclusion in the 21st Century

Inclusion has entered and prospered in the 21st century with research-based interventions, technological advances, and improved attitudes, yet it is also endangered if its pace is not adjusted to accommodate the needs of each individual student. We live in a … Continue reading

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