Inclusion in the 21st Century

Inclusion has entered and prospered in the 21st century with research-based interventions, technological advances, and improved attitudes, yet it is also endangered if its pace is not adjusted to accommodate the needs of each individual student. We live in a fast paced world, where with the click of a button, we have the capability of communicating with someone who may be 15,992 kilometers away in a millisecond. How remarkable! However, we then grow impatient when the line at the grocery store is too long or we sit in traffic on the highway because we have an agenda to accomplish that day. We want to get to places at fast paces and then move on to the next item on our To Do list! The 21st century is filled with many promises when we visualize the successes that will follow in classrooms and beyond school walls, but please keep in mind that inclusion, like many things in life, is an evolutionary process! If one day is not the best, reflect upon that day, tweak your plans and look forward to tomorrow!





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