Include the Students

Teachers arduously plan lessons, collaborate with colleagues, and jump through many pedagogical hoops to have their students to achieve the core standards. Yet, if the students display apathy toward the concepts taught, then the lessons occur within a classroom vacuum. That is when educators must INCLUDE the students as key protagonists. The following pledges ask learners to acknowledge that they are an integral part of their own futures. Younger learners or students with lower vocabulary or reading levels can recite the primary pledge. Students can also view candid digital photos taken during classroom learning and then be asked to rate their attentive behavior. To increase metacognitive levels, ask your students to chorally repeat these pledges or even create their own. Hence, self-regulated learners are born and nurtured!


Student Pledge (to be recited with enthusiasm!)


I know it’s the morning (afternoon)

And we’re still yawning (leaving soon)

But this is my promise for today (now)

When I will say (vow)

That I will do my best

And it’s not said in jest

To really care

And be sincere

To listen and learn

And respect each in turn

We all have many a need

But we all can succeed

If we use our mind

And to each other be kind

So here I am in school

Where not only teachers rule

But it’s each student

That needs to be prudent

If I have a positive attitude

I could master math, reading, and even latitude

The implications are great

I decide my own fate

So I’ll give it my best try

And that’s no lie

It’s my promise, no fingers crossed

I’ll ask questions when I’m lost

I’ll care about this stuff

Even when the going gets tough

And I think I’ll even smile

May as well, I’ll be here awhile


Primary Student Pledge


I can


And say

Each day

Will be fine

I won’t whine

I will always try

And that’s no lie

There are a lot of facts I need

That will feed

My budding brain

And I won’t complain

Because being smart

Is an art

So I promise to grow

To be a kid who’ll know!


Source: Karten, T. (2007) More Inclusion strategies that work! Aligning student strengths with standards. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press
























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