Inclusion thoughts from Maritime Academy Charter School

Although inclusion is defined by individual students and classroom communities, the first ingredient is a positive attitude. After meeting the educators of Maritime Academy Charter School, I know that their students will experience many successes. Here are just a few of the inclusion definitions that they shared. More customized definitions to follow in the upcoming year!

Inclusion is_______


to involve every student in the classroom.




evolving the classroom environment for all students to succeed!


collaboration and modification.


an excellent way to ensure students are all given equal opportunities while meeting all needs.


giving all students individual opportunity within each classroom.


the capability and ability of an educational community to reach all learners.


an effective instructional practice to ensure the success of all learners.




a wonderful cooperative learning opportunity for both Gen. Ed & Special Ed. students.


an effective way to ensure social and academic growth for all students.


including ALL students in the classroom environment.


having the resources and opportunities and then making it work!



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