#Texas Strong

My heart and prayers are sent to our Texas colleagues as they begin their school year. As an inclusion consultant in Victoria, Bloomington, Edna, and Corpus Christi, I have personally witnessed the steadfastness, compassion, resourcefulness, and intelligence of my Texas friends. Harvey cannot deter education from moving forward. Regions like Victoria Independent School District (VISD) have a new motto-Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day, #TexasStrong, #VictoriaStrong.

Strength includes more than physical power, but intellectual and moral fortitude as well. Mother Nature injured the Texas terrain, affected many people’s homes, and created both financial and emotional havoc. However, in the long haul, Harvey is no match for Texans. Administrators, educators, related school staff, and kind people in Texas and other states in our nation, and across the world, demonstrated that together we are stronger. The proverb-“One beam does not support a house,” rings loud and clearly. Collaboration will allow the 2017-18 school year to teach our students a lesson on how adversity, strengthens our resolve. The world applauds and supports you as you move forward to assist every child in every classroom. Bless you my Texas friends!

Toby J. Karten, Inclusion Consultant

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