What is inclusion and how can co teaching help?

Thoughts from Hackettsown School District from elementary to middle school and high school:
  • Inclusion is a school version of society as a whole.
  • Co-teachers benefit from each other’s expertise and are able to better service all needs!
  • Inclusion is my best teaching year ever!
  • A great way to teach children at all levels, from those with disabilities to gifted students.
  • Working together to provide the best learning environment for our students.
  • Curriculum becomes less challenging with 2 teachers collaborating to assist all students!
  • Meeting the needs of all students and allowing students to be and feel successful while showing growth.
  • Inclusion is having all students succeed to the best of their ability.
  • Co teachers help all students find success!
  • Inclusion is team teaching together.
  • Inclusion is an important part of class, as it helps us see a variety of perspectives, and gives us a more full picture of the world.
  • Inclusion is amazing if done correctly!
  • Inclusion is a level playing field for all students.
  • Inclusion is providing those with disabilities additional resources to help them have the same chance at success in a gen. ed. classroom.
  • Inclusion is the best way for all students to see that no one learns exactly the same way, and everyone benefits from seeing other ways to learn things.
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