Inclusion Comments Shared by Keppel Union School District

Thank you to the administrators, principals, educators, and paraprofessionals who shared these insightful inclusion comments. You affirmed that we have come a far way from thinking that students belong in special education since they don’t do well in general education and won’t get it anyway or that an IEP denotes less intelligence! Your students are fortunate to have you lead them onward to many inevitable achievements in the upcoming 2011-2012 school year.

Insightful Inclusion Impacts

General education peers should be in an inclusion setting because as adults there will be many situations where they will interact with a person or people with exceptional needs. It’s just real life!

Success comes to those who cannot and will not give up!

Inclusion is challenging, but rewarding!

Inclusion includes all students, making them all our responsibilities, not just someone else’s.

As a special education teacher, working in the classroom with general ed teachers who enjoy the collaborating is the “best of all worlds” for students.

Wow! I can’t believe how well_____ is doing in my class! I didn’t think he would be doing so well!

I agree, good teaching is good teaching for all!

When inclusion is correctly put into practice, it produces a positive attitude among staff and students. It creates more of a “family atmosphere.”

Many great leaps and bounds have been made in Special Education from having the right to a free and appropriate education to being included in the general education population. Like any forward progress in society, from the elimination of segregation to embracing our students with special needs, it’s up to every subsequent generation to maintain, and improve on, the progress that has been made, the progress of humanity.

Inclusion is great because the child with special needs models the behavior from the other children in the classroom and the gen ed students become aware of learning disabilities, share more, and control their behavior, too.

Inclusion is the best thing for students who work hard and are able to have friends they never had before. Their self-esteem soars!

All students acquire social skills and interact.

When a student/teacher finds strategies that work-it’s an amazing feeling and stays with you for life!

We are all special in different ways!





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